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How It Works    

  1. When you contact Snapdragon Group, you will be asked for a resume which should be sent to snapdragongroup@cox.net as a Word document.
  2. As projects become available you will be matched with a project compatible with your interests and skills. We typically use seasoned freelance professionals first.
  3. If you are queried concerning a Snapdragon assignment, you will be given the specifics of the project, the due date, and the fee. At that point, the choice to accept or reject the assignment will be completely in your hands.
  4. You will then be sent specific specifications and instructions for the project and asked to sign a contract.
  5. When your work has been completed and approved, you will need to submit an invoice to Snapdragon at Snapdragongroup@cox.net. Invoices dated before the 1st of the month will be paid on the 15th and invoices dated before the 15th of the month will be paid on the 1st.

We frequently have opportunities for story writers. These projects are typically topical compilations. Information on these projects can be found in the Freelancer area under the Opportunities for Inspirational Story Writers link. Submissions should be properly labeled with project title, chapter title (if applicable), and freelancer contact information. They should be sent via email as an attached Word document to Snapdragongroup@cox.net. When the project has been completed we will list the names of the writers whose stories were accepted. You will find this list by using the "Opportunities" link and referring to the project heading. If your story is accepted you will be asked to sign a permission letter for the use of your story to which you will retain all rights. This permission letter allows us to use your story in a specific book, here and abroad, for as long as the book is in print. Your signed permission letter will serve as your invoice and your fee will be sent immediately upon publisher approval. 


Projects can take several months from start to finish. Until we receive publisher approval we cannot know whose work will be accepted for the final script.

Snapdragon cannot control the flow of work publishers send our way. Even though it is our desire to provide work for as many qualified freelancers as possible, we are not able to guarantee that work will be forthcomingóby the same token, you will not be expected to guarantee availability.