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CBA Member

CBA Member

Services and Benefits


  • Writing
  • Compiling
  • Editing
    • Substantive Edits
    • Copy Edits
  • Proofreading
  • Marketing and cover copy
  • Theological and Literary Reviews


  • Excellent work projects for qualified freelance professionals.
  • Clear instructions and specifications, including samples.
  • Easy access to someone who can answer questions and provide direction.
  • Lump sum fee set before work begins.
  • Quick pay as soon as project text has been approved.
  • One contract one invoice.
  • Credit-line recognition for writing and compiling projects.
  • Access to industry news, freelancer profiles, stylebook updates, business tips, and recognition for excellent work via Snapdragon website.
  • Opportunities to build relationships with other freelancers.
  • You are a free agent. Snapdragon Group will never ask you to sign any type of exclusivity agreement.

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