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Our Story 

Snapdragon Editorial Group, Inc. was born in September of 2000—the brain child of necessity.

While serving as an in-house editor, Rebecca Currington, Snapdragon’s founder, was impressed with the wealth of experience and talent that exists in the Land of Freelancers. These gifted individuals came from every walk of life and social stratum. What a resource they could be for publishers struggling to get out the message of Christ to the world. What a relief for overworked editors responsible for spinning the gold—filling the books with words!

But there was a problem.

Editors often had difficulty finding and qualifying freelancers to meet their specific needs. And freelancers had no way to present their talents to editors. Even when enterprising freelancers made their way through the corporate maze, it was still a gamble for the editor. A resume cannot always predict the level on which an individual freelancer is able to work. Depending on an unknown could spell disaster in the form of a badly flawed or unfinished manuscript.

There simply wasn’t a bridge in place to connect the publishers’ need with the freelancers’ talents and skills. Rebecca couldn’t help but think of the advantages such a bridge would provide:

  • Relief for over-worked editors
  • Work for struggling freelancers
  • More people working together to advance the Gospel of Christ.

As she prayed, a plan began to unfold. By the summer of 2001, the bridge was in place and Rebecca left her job to manage Snapdragon full time.

There are now close to 400 Snapdragon Freelancers around the country. This remarkable group has been categorized by skill level, interests, and life experience. Each stands ready to be matched with projects from more than 20 participating Christian publishers. Fees are designed to stay within budgetary guidelines, while providing freelancers with the compensation and credit they deserve for their work.

Rebecca tells publishers, “Snapdragon is based on ‘collaboration’ rather than ‘competition.’ When we are all doing the part God has called us to do, everyone is blessed and the work of God goes forward. Our part is to provide new voices to those who are called to propagate the Gospel through the written word.”